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  1. Development of town planning documentation;
  2. Design of dwelling, public and production buildings and structures;
  3. Design of engineering structures (pipes, towers, water-cooling towers, different capacities, galleries, trestles, retaining walls, masts);
  4. Transport structures;
  5. Hydro-engineering structures;
  6. Technical inspection of structures and buildings;
  7. Design of internal and external engineering systems, networks and structures;
  8. Power stations, distribution systems, transformer substations, power supply systems, power transmission lines;
  9. Water supply and distribution systems;
  10. Boiler houses, central heat supply premises, heat supply systems;
  11. Gas supply systems;
  12. Refrigeration supply;
  13. Automation and instrumentation, weak current facilities, fire-alarm signalling systems;
  14. Lifts;
  15. Technological design;
  16. Special types of design work:
    • Environment protection;
    • Organization of construction activities;
    • Preparation of cost estimates;
  17. Preparation of feasibility studies;
  18. Implementation of General Designer functions.
  19. Topographical - geodetic and engineering - geological researches.

Having a license for implementation of the client's functions, we can commit to obtain all necessary approvals, permissive documents, approval of design reports, we can conduct negotiations with all state organizations and suppliers of power resources, prepare tenders for supply of different materials, services and works. If necessary, our specialists will provide assistance to the clients in collection of initial data, in preparation of architectural-planning assignment, estimates connected with ecological aspect and prepare documents required for obtaining bank credits.

For each type of activities "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" can provide with the following services:

  • project management;
  • detailed designing;
  • preparation of bidding documents;
  • field supervision;
  • contract management.


our institute services projects employees coordinates Русский
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